Welcome to Hydrozone Company Limited ..

Hydrozone Co.,Ltd

We open since 1999 located at 76 Soi Putthabucha 9,
Putthabucha, Bangmod, Jomthong, Bangkok, 10150



“Goal to excellence in water treatment systems”

Quality Policy

“Striving to deliver product and services with modern technology,
environmental friendliness and efficiency in terms of quality
and punctuality”

         We provide a highly technical and unique set of skills also being a consultant and provider the high technology and engineering service. Our responsible are services that include design, fabrication, installation,commissioning and maintenance and also supply good quality products and services to end-users and contractors in several industries. At present, we have employees, which composed of engineers who specialized in this field.

         The management believes in providing good after sales service and increasing good quality of products.


    Products offerings under the highly respected Parker,
Pall,Osmonic,US Filter and Industrial Filter brands include : Hi performance Bag Filter, Cartridge Filter, Ceramic Filter, Pleated Filter, Disc Filter, Automatic Screening Systen


    Our main products are the four basic types of membranes filtration systems namely, Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration (NF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO). These membranes are available in different configurations such as spiral wound, hollow fiber, tubular, and plate and frame. In addition, we provide , electrodionization (EDI) an advanced ion exchange systems for ultra pure water treatment and food beverage industries.