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  Carbon Media Services
       Carbon media support services to ensure that your system equipment continues to operate reliably and economically, while also meeting regulatory requirements.

  Ion Exchange Resin Services
       From resin processing and disposal to system performance optimization, Hydrozone specialty resin services are desgined to help you operate your water treatment system efficiently and cost effectively.

  Membrane Services
       Our Membrane Care Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide customers with the products and support services necessary to maintain membrane systems for peak performance and long-term operation.

  Retrofit/Rehab Services
       Through the course of a system's life, efficiency begins to fall off, components need replacement, technology improvements become available.

  Service Contracts
       Proper operation and maintenance of your water treatment system are critical to ensuring you get the most from your capital investment.

  Testing Services
       Testing for virtually every type of environmental sample, including drinking water, groundwater, stormwater, process water

  Water Electrical Systems Integration
       we offer a modulized water management system consisting of sewer control, leakage location and detection or optimization of operations and, beyond that, a document management system and electronical operation journal.