Clarification System

Conventional type
Sludge blanket
Jet clarifier
Pulsator clarifier

Water Filtration System

Sand filter
Multimedia filter
Carbon filter
Softener filter
Deiron filter


Chemical Feed Pump
Automatic Water Pump
High Pressure Pump Filter Tank (FRP.)
UV Lamp, Quartz Sleeve, Ballast
Equipment for Ozone System
PE Tank
Pressure Tank
Conductivity/Resistivity Meter
pH Meter
Flow Meter
UPVC Ejector Diaphragm Valve
Advance Water Treatment System
Ultra Filtration System (UF)
Reverse Osmosis System (RO)
Demineralization System (DI)
Electrode Deionization System(EDI)
Ultra Pure Water System
Chemical for Water Treatment
Chemical for cleaning membrane
Chemical for water supply
Chemical for waste water treatment
Chemical for analysis
Chemical for cooling, chiller and boiler

Cartridge Filter & Filter Media
Activated Carbon
Manganese Green Sand
Selected Sand & Gravel
Wound Cartridge Filter
Ceramic Filter
Pleated Cartridge Filter
Resin Cartridge Filter
Bag Filter
GAC Cartridge Filter
Housing Filter
Reverse Osmosis System (RO)
Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Membrane Element
Pressure Vessel
Micro Filter
Anti-Scale Feeder

Disinfection Equipment

UV Generator
UV (TOC Remover)
Ozone Generator
Chlorine Feeder


Activated Carbon
Activated carbon pellets and powder for air and water filtration. Also granular activated carbon adsorber filter systems, pressure vessels, roll-offs and canisters.

Biological Treatment
Air diffusers, jet aeration systems, wastewater mechanical aeration systems, wastewater package plants, sequencing batch reactors, trickling filters, and anaerobic treatment systems.

Controls, Instrumentation and Analyzers
Water and wastewater analyzers, controllers, motor control centers (MCC), pump controls, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and remote telemetry units (RTU).

Ion Exchange
Cation, anion, water softener & specialty resins. Continuous Deionization (CDI) and Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI/ EDI) Systems. Deionizer, demineralizer, and dealkalyzer products.

Chemical Feed and Disinfection
Analyzers, controllers, induction systems, metering pumps, dry feed, gas feed, polymer feed, chlorine dioxide generation, hypochlorite generation and UV disinfection systems.

Conventional Filtration
Gravity filter and pressure filter systems and equipment, cartridge filters and filter housings, filter media, arsenic media, greensand, and packaged water plants.

Laboratory Water Products
Lab Water Purification Systems, Storage reservoirs and other accessories for your ultrapure, general grade, primary grade and clinical analyzer water needs.

Membrane Filtration & Separation Products
Ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane water filtration systems. Reverse osmosis systems, RO pumps and equipment, and replacement RO modules. Disk Filter.

Specialty Products and Accessories

Anodes, electrodes, cathodic protection, flow meters, metal recovery, hemodialysis water systems, mechanical aeration, mechanical mixing, screw pumps, surge and storage tanks.